Dear Guest!

PROFIL AG is a subsidiary of PROFIL Stahlbau GmbH (Germany) and during the last few years has been steadily increasing its scale of construction business in Russia. We are aware of the problems faced by foreign companies in the Russian construction industry, but we know how to overcome them and are confident about the future.

The company staff are Russian and foreign engineers and project managers with years of experience in implementing large-scale engineering and construction projects around the world. As a General Contractor, we fully realize the tried and tested over many years connections with major manufacturers and suppliers of building materials and engineering equipment, as well as specialized contractors who perform certain types of work.

Management of PROFIL AG has gained experience in fast mobilization of qualified workers, development and coordination of changes in project documentation at Clients’ request at any stage of design and construction, supply of technical equipment from any global manufacturer and solving many other problems that the current

process of the construction of large objects involves.

We are running our business with the belief that construction can be made quick, beautiful and joyful. It can justify the confidence of our Clients and meet the expectations of architects.

Kind regards and best wishes,
Gerd Wandel
Director of PROFIL Stahlbau GmbH