Professional service and high quality of works at all stages of a project – is our corporate rule.

That’s why PROFIL AG undertakes complex construction services at Client request, combining the stage of coordination, design and construction as «design & build»; represents its Client’ interests to administrative and supervisory bodies until the completion of state expertise of the project, provides project management, conducting technical audit of building and co-funding.

We value our reputation thus do all in oue power to construct and submit a project in accordance with the design, budget and timeframe previously agreed on.

The main aim of the team of professionals is to realize a project that will meet both the wishes of a Client and regulatory as well as technical standards and requirements.

Reliablity, responsibility and honesty at work as well as respec for the interests and wishes of Clients makes PROFIL AG one of the most reliable partners in the construction world, regardless of the complexity of projects, scales and types of construciton.