PROFIL AG has commissioned Multifunctional Shopping Mall LENTA.


ROFIL AG has commissioned Multifunctional Shopping Mall LENTA, Novocherkassk, Rostov Region, near Herzen’s Descent.

With its area exceeding 9 000 sq.m., the shopping mall was designed and constructed on a turn-key basis in swamp bottomland of the Tuzlovka River within 10 months, including design, project appraisal, numerous considerations, permits, public hearings, settlements of objections of the local residents, removal of airplane missiles of the time of the Great Patriotic War and other difficulties that are usual for the construction process in Russia.

 The following items were utilized in the project of the Shopping Mall: energy saving production equipment, lighting, management, automation, and dispatch systems of the complex.

 The project of the Multifunctional Shopping Mall comprises sales premises, warehouses, refrigerators, prepared food production lines, a bakery and café as well as infrastructure facilities: a fire-fighting station, a power centre with its own gas boiler house, a pump building, a 600-kW electrical substation, a standby diesel generator, waste treatment facilities and general utilities.

 The modern shopping mall was solemnly opened by Pavel Remizov, Format Development Director of LENTA LLC, Vladimir Kirgintsev, Mayor of Novocherkassk, and Timur Kulbuzhev, President of PROFIL AG LLC together with members of the government of the Rostov Region, heads of the Retail Markets Department, and numerous guests.