PROFIL AG joined the Russian Union of Builders.

The Russian Union of Builders, the oldest and the largest public organization in the construction industry, today consolidates more than 41 000 organizations in 80 constituent entities in the Russian Federation.

PROFIL AG has joined the Russian Union of Builders, the largest and the oldest public organization in the construction industry. Nowadays the Russian Union of Builders comprises 82 district, interregional and regional unions including 260 member societies which altogether consolidate more than 41 000 building organizations, enterprises and institutions in 80 constituent entities in the Russian Federation.

The heads and members of the Union closely cooperate with the State Duma of the Russian Federation and its special-purpose committees, with the Government of the Russian Federation, the Federation Council, the Ministry of Regional Development, participate in new legislative acts developments and regulatory framework improvement. For higher efficiency of its activity within the Union 21 special-purpose committees have been formed which are headed by professionals in the construction industry.

The Russian Union of Builders regularly holds visiting sessions in regions of the Russian Federation. The fact that governors, the elites of building complex of regions participate in them shows the modernity and quality of native builders’ work. However, there are many problems left and such meetings allow comparing the positions, working out the common ground and informing the government and legislators of any ideas and offers.

The Russian Union of Builders intensively interacts with other social structures primarily with national associations of self-regulatory organizations. This is a joint formulation of opinions within the frame of Public Council under the Russian Federation Ministry of Regional Development, the Public Chamber, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Russian Trilateral Commission in the government of the Russian Federation on the part of the employers.

The Russian Union intensifies international activity. In 2011 alone, the Union signed and prolonged agreements with the Finnish Builders’ Union, Main Association of the German Construction Industry and Spanish Union of Builders.