Technical, intellectual and organizational resources of PROFIL AG allow us not only design and build objects of any complexity, but also provide a technical oversight and control at all stages of project realization. We offer innovative and effective management decisions and are ready to implement it in complex and large-scale projects.


We have all the necessary licenses and professional experience to work in many sectors of construction.

Planning and design

We provides a full range of services concerning development of construction documents, as well as design of interiors and exteriors of buildings and facilities of all categories of difficulty


The team of PROFIL AG is ready to plan monitor and control construction projects at all stages of their implementation independently and with partners.


Management of a construction project is not only human resource management, but a whole range of activities aimed at optimizing design and construction and search for efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Design and assembly of utility networks and communications

PROFIL AG has a great experience in design and assembly of utility networks and communications for major projects.