This year, 6 times more roads were repaired on the territory of the Moscow Region than in the past.

According to the head of the Main Department of Agriculture, in the spring, when developing the program, they were going to repair 4.5 times more regional roads than last year, but in fact they repaired 6 times more. The planned volumes were increased thanks to additional financing, the decision on the allocation of which was made by the Governor of the Moscow Region. 

Lyashkevich also said that since the beginning of this year, more than 1,360 kilometers of municipal and regional roads have been repaired in the region. During the previous five years, 10 kilometers of roads were repaired each year, which resulted in a significant «shortage». 

To complete the road works begun in these years, it is necessary to allocate 8 billion rubles each year for these purposes within five years.