A 'star of architecture' from Denmark manages to shine in different parts of the world.

A ‘starchitect’ is a new term recently appeared in English, which means a ‘star of architecture’. It is absolutely the best way to call Bjarke Ingles, an architect from Denmark, who had more successful projects last year that any of his collegues from different countries. Some of them have already been implemented, some are being constructed and some have been just taken to construction. In total, he has created 23 approved projects, which are widely distributed throughout the whole world.

Among his constructions there is an additional section to Washington National Museum and Сommunity centre in Hellerup, Denmark. There is also a helix-shaped office building in Florida, a block of flats in Bahamas in    shape of bee-hive, a town for senior citizens in Taiwan built from glass ‘rocks’, a UFO-shaped head office of a big company in Switzerland and many other very unusual buildings, which bring to life all the best modern architectural ideas.