Minstroy RF (Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector of the Russian Federation) has prepared a draft amendment for Urban Development Code, which allows developers to start pre-construction works before construction permission is obtained.

According to the Ministry, from now on a developer can enter construction site as soon as project documents are submitted to expert examination.

“The issue is devoted to pre-construction activities only, not connected to construction process itself. The list of such activities is going to be approved by the authorities. They are, for example, site construction, checkpoints, construction railroads, fire safety systems, communication, alarms and other facilities”, — explains Minstroy.

It has been pointed out, that construction and installation works can be started only if expert assessment is positive. On average, pre-construction stage usually takes developers about 3-6 months, so the opportunity to start before the approval is obtained will help to optimize total construction period. At the moment, the document goes through approval process at federal agencies, where it can be corrected. Minstroy believes that in the nearest time the draft law will be proposed to consideration.