“Fisht” Olympic stadium in Sochi will be finished by September 2016.

“Football matches will take place at “Fisht” stadium in September 2016” –Vitaly Mutko, the Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation, has claimed to journalists in Sochi. He pointed out that the stadium, which was the Hall for Opening and Closing Ceremonies of Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014, is being repaired now.

“150 000 000 rubles have been already spent on design estimate documentation. At the moment, dismantling and construction preparing are taking place” – the Minister has also mentioned. According to him, prime cost of the reconstruction will be estimated after an examination is carried out. “We will have the total cost only after the examination. We cannot discuss it yet. We hope it would not exceed 3 billion rubles. It is the sum we owe. We got it from the program “Development of Krasnodar region as a mountain climate resort”. We have not spent it yet” – told Mutko.

Talking about the International Olympic Committee’s refusal from its share of profits, Vitaly has explained: “The money will be steered to Russian Olympic Committee. They will introduce the use concept at their session. The IOC has advised to spend the money on popular sport development, sport projects promotion and Olympic Movement attractivation. The sum along with the money donated to the IOC will be spent on team support and training for Rio de Janeiro Games”.