In April 2015, the management of the international concern WILO SE paid a working visit to Russia.

In April 2015, the management of the international concern WILO SE, the world’s leading manufacturer of pumping equipment, paid a working visit to Russia. The main purpose of the visit was to meet with representatives of the Noginsk District Administration and to inspect the construction site of the future Wilo plant on the territory of the Noginsk Technopark in the Moscow Region. 

At the meeting with representatives of the district administration, issues of future cooperation were raised, for example, the creation of new jobs and the political situation for the implementation of the project.Karsten Krumm, Chairman of the Board of Directors of WILO SE, and Tomass Kubbe, Senior Vice President of WILO SE, responsible for sales in the EMEA region (Europe, MiddleEast, Africa), monitored the construction progress and discussed issues related to the main stages of the project implementation.

According to Jens Dallendoerfer, CEO of VILO RUS LLC, the future production will become the second largest Wilo production site in Europe. thous. sq. m. office buildings, educational buildings, a service center, a test pool, and a production and logistics complex will be located. At the moment, the frames of the office building, production and warehouse premises are already ready, a pit for a test pool has been dug, work has begun on the installation of the roof.