Entering the committee for Industrial Construction of the Association of Industrial Parks in Russia.

The company became a member of the Committee for Industrial Construction.

Company PROFIL AG entered the Committee on Industrial Construction.

The Committee was established under the Association of Industrial Parks in Russia and began its work on July 27. The main goal of the work of a new body was defined by its creators: increasing of professional competence in a certain branch of industrial construction countrywide and the development of competition in the construction industry. In addition, it is expected that the Committee will promote the market and the implementation of modern unified quality standards.

The membership in the Committee will help the investors to get a consulting support in all questions for industrial construction, including estimated value of construction. The Committee also assists in the selection of qualified companies for participation in tenders based on the monitoring and peer review of their activities.

As for associated members (engineering and construction companies), they are offered assistance in resolving of questions arising in relationships with investors; information and legal support and participation in international forums held by the organization.