Dmitry Medvedev took part in the opening ceremony of the WILO pumping equipment plant.

The Wilo group of companies is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of energy-efficient pumps and pumping systems for water supply, wastewater disposal, heating, air conditioning and other industrial applications. The plant in Noginsk is the first Wilo plant in Russia with a localization level of 30%. In the future, the level of localization of production will be increased to 80-85%. The new Wilo Rus plant will include a high-tech center for testing pumps, a training center for Russian designers and engineers, and a service center with individual solutions and technologies for water utilities, thermal power plants and other utility companies. — household facilities. Production is focused on the Russian market, the markets of the CIS and neighboring countries with the involvement of local suppliers for the assembly of components. “Good afternoon, friends, dear colleagues! Today is a very good day. Congratulations on the start of work for the new Russian enterprise. The company’s equipment begins to be produced right here, in our country. Therefore, I would like to separately thank the investor, Wilo, for this decision and for everything that has been done in recent years, because the company operates from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. It is very important for us that the company sets itself the goal of localizing production, bringing the level of localization within several years to a very significant one, about 80%. We believe that this project is therefore in line with the strategy for the development of Russian industry, and we will support it. It is very good that a new production is emerging, which will employ a fairly significant number of our people. This is a high, good industrial culture, and all this is being done right here, in the Moscow Region, within the framework of a technopark that has been developing for 10 years. Despite the fact that now, perhaps, is not the easiest period in relations between Russia and Germany, the German partners still remain key investors in our country, and I would like to sincerely thank them for everything that has been done and is being done in this direction. I wish the new venture great success. Congratulations to everyone on this occasion. » ©