Why does the richest country in the world have the state of transport infrastructure worse than Greece and Estonia?

We are used to the idea that endless spacious highways and intricately woven bridges in the United States are practically inaccessible example to follow. We have to admit, that it has been true for the decades. But what is going on with the transport infrastructure in the US now?

This spring there were published some new facts about the state of the construction industry in the USA. At the first glance, they can bring nothing but admiration. In fact, the industry is like waking up after a long hibernation, caused by the crisis. Thus, by December 2014 the construction costs reached the maximum amount for the last six years of $ 982 billion (!).

For the first time, since 2009, progress has also touched the construction projects financed by the government. Only in January of this year, the industry added 39 thousand working places, and almost 308 thousand for the whole year. Unemployment has reached an all-time low level of 9.8%, while, for example, in January 2007, it was up to 12 3%.

It seems that everything is OK. However, if you give a more detailed study to the results of 2014 and the first months of 2015, it is easy to notice that the progress in various areas of the construction industry is very uneven. For example, construction of warehouses increased by 50%, residential buildings — by 34%, office and commercial buildings increased respectively by 24% and 16%.

If we have a look at infrastructure projects, which will be discussed in this review, there is evidently less progress. Thus, the construction of ports and airports «has grown up» by only 4.9%, highways and roads — by 4.1%. You might say it is enough. No, the experts are sure in just the opposite.