An arcitectural masterpiece by a famous Dane will soon appear in China.

Ten years ago a famous Dane architect Henning Larsen designed a building of the Royal Opera House in Kopenhagen , which is now one of the most significant arcitectural structures there. The architect has recently introduced  a project of his new masterpiece — an Opera House in China. 

It will be constructed near Hangzhou, 180 km south-west from Shanghai. The Opera House will be a part of a cultural park, which will also include a drama theatre, two museums, an art school, some educational offices and other public places. 

According to the plan, the future building is going to be located in the center of a lake, surrounded with a big green park. Such location will make the Opera House the heart of the whole cultural complex. The front of the building, wich will look at the city, will be decorated with a bar screen, made of triangles, and it will «hang» over the lake.

This work is only one of Larsen’s numerous projects built by reputed european constructing companies in China. Among well-known others, we can  name Norman Foster, who has projected a building of Beijing airport in a traditional Chinese form of a dragon.